Martin Kohlstedt - NIODOM (w/ GewandhausChor)

A while ago something unthinkable and exciting was brewing behind the walls of the Gewandhaus in Leipzig – Gregor Meyer, head of the widely reknown Gewandhaus choir carefully convinced the numerous human voices lead by him to dive into and finally even follow my intuitive improvisations. At first worlds quite alien to one another clashed — but with every iteration of meeting, talking, rehearsing together and the growing trust therefrom not only a mere friendship formed but a big family bearing such an unbelieveable energy that it is now no longer possible – after two years of development including adventurous, public rehearsals and a premiere sold out and full to the brim – to hold back the waves created.

It’s the first single of my new album ‚Ströme‘ which will be with you in May 2019. Feel free to share it with your loved ones!


03 FEBRUARY 2019
Danzig (PL) – Days of the New Music

10 FEBRUARY 2019
Brüssel (BE) – Flagey Brussel

19 FEBRUARY 2019
Ljubljana (SL) – Kino Šiška

21 FEBRUARY 2019
Budapest (HU) – A38

29 MARCH 2019
Hasselt (BE) – CCHA

30 MARCH 2019
Amsterdam (NL) – Paradiso Noord

08 APRIL 2019
Kopenhagen (DK) – DR Concert House

10 APRIL 2019
Stockholm (SE) – Södra Teatern

11 APRIL 2019
Oslo (NO) – Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene

13 APRIL 2019
Voss (NO) – Vossa Jazz

20 APRIL 2019
Tallinn (EE) – Jazzkaar Festival

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My friend and videographer Patrick Richter has been accompanying me with his camera for several years now. The result is an extraordinary multi-part documentary about the roots of my music.

«Beyond Stage» is a long-term documentary project by my friend and photographer Peter Runkewitz about me and the life behind the scenes, which began in early 2013.

Back in summer I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk at RWTH Aachen University about my personal way of composing: Over the years I created a variety of modules that I recombine and shuffle into something new — like a musical vocabulary. If you want to have a closer look, check out this video!