Martin Kohlstedt - Ströme w/ GewandhausChor

If you close your eyes, the space around you begins to pulsate. A choir of 70 people, united, yet physically separated from each other, and Martin Kohlstedt in his pulpit built of keyboard instruments. As the participants engage in a moment of contemplation, they are doing what all human beings do simply to stay alive: they breathe.

Album out now.


Exclusive Shows with GewandhausChor

16 November 2019
Hamburg (DE) – Laeiszhalle

17 December 2019
Erfurt (DE) – Alte Oper Erfurt

18 December 2019
Berlin (DE) – Konzerthaus

08 February 2020
Hannover (DE) – Kuppelsaal

09 February 2020
Leipzig (DE) – Gewandhaus

Solo Club Shows

BRUSSELS (BE) – Begijnhofkerk

KRAKOW (PL) – Goethe Institut Krakow

09 OCTOBER 2019
PARIS (FR) – La Boule Noire

10 OCTOBER 2019
DEN HAAG (NL) – Paard

11 OCTOBER 2019
HEERLEN (NL) – Parkstadt Limburg Theaters

12 OCTOBER 2019
GRONINGEN (NL) – Grand Theatre

25 OCTOBER 2019
MANCHESTER (UK) – St. Michael’s Church

26 OCTOBER 2019
GLASGOW (UK) – The Blue Arrow

27 OCTOBER 2019
DUBLIN (IRL) – Dublin Unitarian Church

29 OCTOBER 2019
LONDON (UK) – Courtyard Theatre

30 OCTOBER 2019
GENT (BE) – Handelsbeurs

31 OCTOBER 2019
ZEIST (NL) – Evangelische Broederkerk

06 NOVEMBER 2019
ERLANGEN (DE) – Hugenottenkirche

07 NOVEMBER 2019

08 NOVEMBER 2019
KARLSRUHE (DE) – Tollhaus

20 NOVEMBER 2019
BIELEFELD (DE) – Oetkerhalle (Solo-Piano Show)

21 NOVEMBER 2019
MOERS (DE) – Bollwerk 107

22 NOVEMBER 2019
MAGDEBURG (DE) – Moritzhof

23 NOVEMBER 2019
WUPPERTAL (DE) – Stadthalle

28 NOVEMBER 2019
DORNBIRN (AT) – Spielboden

29 NOVEMBER 2019
INNSBRUCK (AT) – Treibhaus Innsbruck

30 NOVEMBER 2019
WIEN (AT) – Konzerthaus

03 DECEMBER 2019
BASEL (CH) – Kaserne

04 DECEMBER 2019
ZÜRICH (CH) – Bogen F

05 DECEMBER 2019
SOLOTHURN (CH) – Kofmehl

06 DECEMBER 2019
DÜDINGEN (CH) – Bad Bonn

07 DECEMBER 2019

08 DECEMBER 2019
LUZERN (CH) – Schüür

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My friend and videographer Patrick Richter has been accompanying me with his camera for several years now. The result is an extraordinary multi-part documentary about the roots of my music.

«Beyond Stage» is a long-term documentary project by my friend and photographer Peter Runkewitz about me and the life behind the scenes, which began in early 2013.

Back in summer I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk at RWTH Aachen University about my personal way of composing: Over the years I created a variety of modules that I recombine and shuffle into something new — like a musical vocabulary. If you want to have a closer look, check out this video!


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