The dawn of a new era – The new sounds I would like to share with you are not the beginning of a new chapter, they are the beginning of a completely new story: «Feld» as a whole is a living body, a movie with an immersive, captivating story and yet every piece is abundant with character and stands out as a complete, individual scene in itself embedded in a greater picture. After «Tag», «Nacht», «Strom», «Ströme» and «Flur» this is my sixth studio album: «Feld» is available as LP, CD, Tape and on all streaming and download platforms. I will have it with me on my European tour in April and May 2023 that will bring me to nine countries and many renowned concert venues. “«Feld» not only impresses with its underlying aesthetic – it sets a standard on how cutting edge electronica production can intermingle with analogue and acoustic approaches ranging from classical piano and ambient to field recordings and score design in an effortless way.”

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Release 2023 via Edition Kohlstedt. Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Cover painting by Dorothee Liebscher Artwork by Happy Little Accidents Available as CD, LP, Tape and on all streaming & download platforms.


From time to time I write a newsletter. For me it’s important to let my thoughts circle around the project and to discuss it with you – to communicate more directly and focused apart from the often nonspecific buzz of social media. I would be very happy to welcome you into this inner circle.