The fireplace is lit in the living room and old wooden beams cast shadows onto the deer antlers up on the wall. The whole room seems to quiver in the flickering of the flames. The ticking of the old wall clock and the crackling that emanates from the mantle provide a gentle soundtrack. Across the room stands the old, detuned piano as it has since time immemorial. I must have been about twelve years old, home alone and I am, to this day, unsure why I did not just turn on the TV that night. Be it inspiration, curiosity, intuiting or just boredom – I decided more or less deliberately to sit down at that instrument. I played for hours during the days and weeks and months that followed. Even today, everything somehow reverts back to this moment; the moment I found a space for my thoughts. «Tag», my first album will always bring me back to that space. «Tag» is the German equivalent for day and my first personal sanctuary. Every single piano piece was inspired by decisive and fortunate events in my life, which I was not able to mantel and thus unfolded in music. Daily routine tends to conceal reality, so that we remain capable of acting, which in turn promotes our music to be analytical. The day resembles a movie traversed by unreflected emotions and reactions, most of the time. Oddly, only the night is able to reveal the complexities of thought that try to haunt us every day. The shell of every person falls in a different way, in my case through music.

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Released 2013 via Edition Kohlstedt. Available as CD, LP and on all streaming and download plattforms.

Credits All Music written, performed and recorded by Martin Kohlstedt Mastering by Bo Kondren / Calyx Mastering Berlin Artwork by Patrick Martin / Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Musikverlag