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Martin Kohlstedt



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«Tag» is the German equivalent for day and my  first personal sanctuary. Every single piano piece was inspired by meaningful, decisive and fortunate events in my  life. Be it inspiration, curiosity, intuiting or just boredom – I decided more or less deliberately to sit down at a detuned piano in our living room as a twelve years old boy. I played for hours during the days and weeks and months that followed. Even today, everything somehow reverts back to this moment; the moment I found a space for my thoughts. TAG, my first album, will always bring me back to that space.

▶ Album: “Tag” (2012)
▶ beautifully designed Digipack
▶ with Artwork by Happy Little Accidents


ANT – 07:11 min
SEN – 03:20 min
OLV – 06:19 min
HAR – 01:54 min
FLI – 04:38 min
AUH – 03:17 min
ENT – 04:29 min
BRU – 04:40 min
OMB – 07:59 min

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