«Nacht» is a collection of impressions and memories of the pieces from my youth. All of them are closely intertwined with the emotions I felt back then. Seldomly feelings are lived in ways so raw and vulnerable as during these years of childhood and adolescence – the older we grow the more these early emotions and all that follow are contextualized, numbed, eroded or skewed by the experiences we make. It is exactly this transition between a child’s intuitive emotional expression and the »sensible« adult we all become at one point that gave me the energy to write this album. I want this to be a return to those days of intuitive emotion. The pieces directly refer to this album’s predecessor: Where «Tag» playfully and naively asks questions and starts running without warning and maybe even without the need for an answer, «Nacht» tries to answer nonetheless through attentive and focused monologues without losing sight of that childlike vulnerability and rawness that it is confronted with. It wants to arrive somewhere and looks for a destination.

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Released 2014 via Edition Kohlstedt. Available as CD, LP and on all streaming and download plattforms.

Credits All Music written, performed and recorded by Martin Kohlstedt Mastering by Bo Kondren / Calyx Mastering Berlin Artwork by Patrick Martin / Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Musikverlag