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Martin Kohlstedt



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NACHT is a collection of impressions and memories of the piano pieces from my youth. All of them are closely intertwined with the emotions I felt back then. Seldomly feelings are lived in ways so raw and vulnerable as during these years of childhood and adolescence – the older we grow the more these early emotions and all that follow are contextualized, numbed, eroded or skewed by the experiences we make.

▶ Album: “Nacht” (2014)
▶ beautifully designed Digipack
▶ with Artwork by Happy Little Accidents


LEH – 6:49 min
GOL – 5:19 min
PHY – 4:35 min
EXA – 4:00 min
AHR – 4:33 min
NIO – 2:49 min
VET – 5:49 min
ELL – 2:50 min
YAL – 8:13 min

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