Piano notes float like glistening particles on top of murky water, flickering and dancing, leaping from here to there through small turbulences. But the calm is treacherous: the next waterfall looms inevitably and its chaos will rip away the sounds, topple their structures and layer them anew like sediments in a river delta. Proximity and intimacy are confronted with vastness and power. All this emanates a strange beauty – the approaching sounds on one hand but even more so those already gone. Individual notes disappear in this rush and become insignificant as part of something bigger, lingering long after the sound has vanished. «Strom» creates a wide range of soundscapes for the piano, foggy and perilous at times, playfully direct or awe-inspiring by what can emerge from simple keystrokes. This album is an attempt at building a monument honoring intuition.

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Released 2017 via Edition Kohlstedt. Available as CD, 2LP and on all streaming and download platforms.

Credits Written and composed by Martin Kohlstedt Mixed by Mario Weise Mastered by Calyx Artwork by Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick the Flame Publishing