Martin Kohlstedt’s third record and opus «Strom» is a stream of ruthless moments exposing the piano to the elements. Amid the flow of the nine pieces the composer himself slowly dissipates and enables the experience of music in its most primal dynamic. One witnesses the transformation of closeness and intimacy into vastness and force and that there is beauty to be found in everything – especially in the ephemeral. Consequently «Strom» brings forth manifold forms of itself, appearing hazy and perilous, in the next instant direct, almost playful to ultimately appear awestruck in the face of its own gravity. No distinct answers have been thought of, no measures taken, no interpretation preconceived for «Strom». Instead you could get the feeling that Martin Kohlstedt, with this record, erected a monument in honor of intuition itself.

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Released 2019 via Warner Classics. Available as CD, LP and on all streaming and download platforms.

Credits ”Ströme” is a musical composition commissioned by the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig for artist Martin Kohlstedt and the Gewandhaus Chor, kindly supported by VNG AG. This composition was created for the project „Two Play To Play“, which is a venture designed by Karen Laube and Matthias Krähenbiel and produced and organized by the Gewandhaus. The Gewandhaus Chor was recorded on june 09 and june 10, 2018 in the Gewandhaus Leipzig. Written and composed by Martin Kohlstedt. Choir composed, arranged and conducted by Gregor Meyer. Mixed by Mario Weise Mastered by Calyx Artwork by Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick the Flame Publishing