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Martin Kohlstedt



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STRÖME (Currents) is the latest refinement of a Kohlstedt snapshot. It is the result of lively collaboration between the composer and pianist, with his feisty intuition, and a performing collective, Leipzig‘s GewandhausChor. On this album, Martin Kohlstedt’s modular compositions – not ‘works’ as such, but rather compendiums of interconnecting musical ideas – once again break new terrain.

▶ Album “Ströme” (2019)
▶ Official release date: 3th of May 2019
▶ 180g – Vinyl with booklet
▶ Artwork by Happy Little Accidents
▶ LP package includes a MP3 download card


Side A

SENIMB 5:07min
TARLEH 6:02 min
AUHEJA 6:23 min
NIODOM 6:04 min

Side B

KSYCHA 6:19 min
JINGOL 4:52 min
THIPHY 6:29 min
AMSOMB 6:34 min

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