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Martin Kohlstedt

Sheet Music Bundle

Sheet Music Bundle

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All four sheet music books in a bundle for a special price!

▶ Binding: linen hardcover with sewn binding
▶ Format: 240 x 300 mm
▶ Hot foil stamping on cover and spine
▶ Pages: 96 / 104
▶ Artwork by Happy Little Accidents

In conversations with my listeners I often notice that there’s an eagerness to not just listen to the music that surrounds us, touches us – it wants to be played, interacted with, developed, transformed even. Being able to play an instrument, even if it’s just a little, awakens the ambition in us to turn the music we love into our own.

With this sheet music bundle, including all pieces of TAG, NACHT, STROM & FLUR, I want to provide an individual insight into my way of creating and playing music. Beginning with the basic knowledge of musical modules as the fundamental building blocks, as the essence of the pieces – and building on that by suggesting possibilities to further process, recombine and interpret them into something new.

I provided little notes, written playing instructions that I’d like to be understood as friendly suggestions or helpful commentary for when stuck at an impasse or unsure how to go on; but ultimately every player sets out to find their own approach and to set their own accents – which is, for me, the real magic in all of this.

I hope that you will have a wonderful time and a lot of joy playing these pieces.

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