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Martin Kohlstedt

NACHT Reworks (CD)

NACHT Reworks (CD)

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«Nacht Reworks» (2015) – eight very different pieces reimagening his record «Nacht» by artists from Germany, Iceland, the UK and the US. Amongst them are resounding names like FM Belfast, Christian Löffler, Douglas Dare or hundreds as well as emerging talents like La Boum Fatale or Spearfisher. Some of their reworks seem like a sensitive commentary on the original, others are completely different ways of looking at the source material. And some have become the frame for joint projects, at eye level and dedicated to something new.

▶ Album “Nacht Reworks” (2015)
▶ Release date: 20th of November
▶ CD with slipcase
▶ Artwork by Happy Little Accidents


EXA (Douglas Dare Rework) – 03:58 min
ELL (Christian Löffler Rework) – 06:18 min
GOL (Hundreds Rework) – 05:07 min
NIO (Worm Is Green Rework) – 03:57 min
GOL (FM Belfast Rework) – 03:39 min
EXA (La Boum Fatale Rework) – 05:30 min
YAL (Dwig Rework) – 04:13 min
GOL (Spearfisher Rework) – 04:46 min

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