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Martin Kohlstedt



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Imagine the piano standing in a glade, surrounded by lush forests as a natural resonating body. All of this is part of a bigger picture with the piano and its player embedded in it, simultaneously in dialogue with this ever changing world we’re all part of. No sound exists in a vacuum, every note has and creates context.

For those who have followed Martin Kohlstedt’s work, FLUR will feel like a breaking point. All the structures he has built and refined over the years – avant-garde arrangements and complex experimental systems – simply collapse. What’s left, however, is fundamental. Closer to his first solo piano albums TAG and NACHT, FLUR is still not a return to his roots entirely. With the album, Martin has created a new vocabulary and a fertile ground to build something anew, “this is the start of something for me,” says Martin Kohlstedt.

▶ Album “FLUR” (2020) 
▶ Official release date: 27th of November 2020
▶ 180g – Vinyl
▶ Artwork by Happy Little Accidents
▶ Cover Painting by David Schnell
▶ LP package includes a MP3 download card


Side A

LUN 3:17 min
ZIN 4:10 min
QUO 2:48 min
PAN 3:54 min
NOX 6:11 min

Side B

XEO 4:03 min
RUL 4:46 min
VIA 4:13 min
JUL 5:03 min
AJA 4:33 min

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