Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt lives and works in Weimar. His previous albums TAG, NACHT, STROM and STRÖME and their respective Reworks received international acclaim and brought the composer and pianist on concert tours all over the globe.

Kohlstedt describes his way of working as modular composition with the pieces progressing further and further and not following a prescribed pattern in concert. Improvisation is an integral part of the musician born in 1988 just as his close contact with the audience, the courage to fail and the constant interaction with room, people and context.

Apart from his own pieces Kohlstedt composes scores for motion pictures, plays, podcasts and audio books, manages his own label and tries to reconcile his work with sustainability and environmental consciousness.



Press quotes:

«German piano madman MARTIN KOHLSTEDT has become a steady source for great neo classical releases. We’ve become dedicated followers of this guy `{`…`}` delicately oscillating between contemplative piano works and crafted electronical experiments.»

Nothing But Hope And Passion

«Martin Kohlstedt is a young composer with a curious touch. `{`He`}` moves between classical and electronic realms, refusing to allow his music to be pinned down.»

Clash Music

«One way or the other the piano is still the most beautiful instrument and mastered as by these gentlemen Techno will not stay the only musical export from Germany.»

VICE Noisey

«His performance was filled with mystery, joy and excitement.»

The Tehran Times (IR)

«With him there is not much of a monstrous classical construct, personality and passion are making up his compositions.»

The Message (AT)

Edition Kohlstedt:

Edition Kohlstedt is the self-founded label and home of pianist, composer and experimental musician Martin Kohlstedt. Since 2014 he has been publishing his own music and projects, in which he is involved in various ways. Particular importance is always attached to the choice of formats: Whether HiRes digital track or well-designed vinyl – music needs space and time and the edition searches for the most suitable environment for each work.