«Tag Remixes»

Shortly after the release of «Tag», people who listened to the music came back to Martin Kohlstedt. Not only was there the will to take from his play, but also the will to give back, by adding something to it. First samples and remixes were handed in, without even being asked for. Experiencing so much response, Kohlstedt found sense in taking the album to the next level, and started to actively search for people to work with. His idea was not to create something completely new, but to add some new features, some unknown aspects. The perspective changed, and with this changing the songs got a new, different strength and power. The kindness one can find in the originals is picked up in the remixes. The electronic adaptions take extraordinarily much material of Kohlstedts compositions. They stroke the tune more than they touch them and you feel the respect for Kohlstedts work, when you listen to the electronic beats.

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Released 2014 via Edition Kohlstedt. Available as LP and on all streaming and download plattforms.

Credits Original works written and recorded by Martin Kohlstedt Remixes by Matthias Kaden, Tilmann Jarmer, Panthera Krause, Klinke auf Cinch, Taski & Matthias Fiedler. Mastering by Bo Kondren / Calyx Mastering Berlin Artwork by Patrick Martin / Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Musikverlag