For me it’s always about discourse, transformation and reflection. My first two albums – «Tag» and «Nacht» – were put into the hands of wonderful musicians to work their magic. Now the pieces on «Strom» and «Ströme» have received their extraordinary siblings. Under the name «Recurrents» a collection of reworks of the original pieces was released – song by song. The musicians involved, all of them being companions of mine, had the opportunity to transform my pieces into new ones.

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Released 2021 via Warner Classics. Available as LP and on all streaming and download platforms.

Credits Original tracks written and composed by Martin Kohlstedt Reworks by Henrik Schwarz, Peter Broderick, Robag Wruhme, ÄTNA, Marlow, Hannah Epperson, Panthera Krause and Sudan Archives. Mastered by Calyx Artwork by Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick the Flame Publishing