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Martin Kohlstedt is among the outstanding composers, pianists and producers for instrumental music and electronica. His past albums «Tag» and «Nacht», «Strom» and «Ströme», «Flur», «Feld» and the most recent one dubbed «Feld» and their respective reworks were rewarded with international recognition and concert tours throughout the whole world. With his live performances as well as his studio recordings Martin Kohlstedt sets standards on how cutting edge electronica production can intermingle with analogue and acoustic approaches ranging from classical piano and ambient to field recordings and score design in an effortless way. Kohlstedt intuitively combines inspirations and influences from fundamentally different worlds and soundscapes into a unique musical amalgam and forms it into something that feels more like a living body than a list of pieces – be it in form of a spectacular festival show, an introspective piano concert, a multidimensional movie score or an immersive album experience. He describes his style of work as modular composition; his pieces are always in movement and never resort to a definitive form – even during concerts. Improvisation is an important part of his creative process, and so are the interaction with his audience on equal footing, the courage and sometimes audacity to fail and the interaction with people, space and context. For this Martin Kohlstedt collaborated with renowned partners such as the Leipzig Gewandhaus choir and artists like Douglas Dare, Sudan Archives, Henrik Schwarz, among others as well as labels like Warner Classics. Apart from his own compositions Kohlstedt writes music and scores for movies, plays, podcasts and audiobooks. Under the name of «Edition Kohlstedt» he runs his own label and tries to do justice to his responsibilities as an international artist with a reforestation project close to his birthplace.


Tag (2012) Tag Remixes (2013) Nacht (2014) Nacht Reworks (2015) Strom (2017) Ströme (2019) Flur (2020) Recurrents (2021) Feld (2023)

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