A quiet space full of possibilities. A heavy silence is resting on things in that moment before we decide which door to open. Imagine the piano standing in a glade, surrounded by lush forests as a natural resonating body. A soft glow radiates from the instrument, living creatures of all kinds pass by, pause, watch, listen, react. All of this is part of a bigger picture with the piano and its player embedded in it, simultaneously in dialogue with this ever changing world we’re all part of. No sound exists in a vacuum, every note has and creates context – that’s what I believe. The return to the origins – to what truly is now and always has been. Just playing the piano at home. Free from outside influences, led only by the intuition within.

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Released 2020 via Warner Classics. Available as CD, LP and all on all streaming & download platforms.

Credits All Music written, performed and recorded by Martin Kohlstedt Mastering by Mark Bihler / Calyx Mastering Berlin Artwork by Patrick Martin / Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Musikverlag