For those who have followed Martin Kohlstedt’s work, FLUR will feel like a breaking point. All the structures he has built and refined over the years – avant-garde arrangements and complex experimental systems – simply collapse. What’s left, however, is fundamental. Closer to his first solo piano albums TAG and NACHT, FLUR is still not a return to his roots entirely. With the album, Martin has created a new vocabulary and a fertile ground to build something anew, “this is the start of something for me,” says Martin Kohlstedt.

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Released 2020 via Warner Classics. Available as CD, LP and all on all streaming & download platforms.

Credits All Music written, performed and recorded by Martin Kohlstedt Mastering by Mark Bihler / Calyx Mastering Berlin Artwork by Patrick Martin / Happy Little Accidents Published by Edition Kohlstedt / Kick The Flame Musikverlag