The sounds I would like to share with you here are not the beginning of a new chapter, no – this is the beginning of a completely new story and this piece already illuminates some of the worlds I will be traversing with you in the close future: LUV was the first, completely intuitive thought for a new album. A thought that I was able to preserve in the emotional state I was in through the first minutes after appearing and that I could rescue over into eternity. I am incredibly happy to be able to share this initial spark caught in amber with you! The first piece LUV is out now. Listen to LUV and pre-order the new album here.




11 NOVEMBER 2022 (postponed from 2021)
DRESDEN (DE) – Beatpol
12 NOVEMBER 2022
MAGDEBURG (DE) - Moritzhof
20 NOVEMBER 2022
FIRENZE (IT) - Palazzina Ex Fabbri - Parc
24 NOVEMBER 2022
ARNSTADT (DE) – Bach-Advent 2022
25 NOVEMBER 2022 (postponed from 2021)
WUPPERTAL (DE) – Immanuelskirche
28 NOVEMBER 2022
STUTTGART (DE) – Theaterhaus (T2)
02 DECEMBER 2022
WERNIGERODE (DE) - Konzerthaus Liebfrauen
03 DECEMBER 2022
RUDOLSTADT (DE) - Volkskantina
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«Tour Diary»

From the first concert on i felt the need to conserve the moments and nights on tour together with the people that I`ve spend the evenings with. And so I started a diary. Your can share your impressions, memories and thoughts about my past concerts with me.

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«The Forest»

In 2019, I decided that I had to do something myself. I am the son of a forester, I grew up in the forest. And so I started to buy fallow land with the earnings from my music and plant new trees on it.

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«Beyond Stage»

In 2013, freelance photographer Peter Runkewitz started an extraordinary long-term behind-the-scenes-documentary, the end of which is not yet in sight.

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«Media Art»

I studied Media Art & Design at Bauhaus-University in Weimar and there I actually spend most of my time programming with my fellow wingman Ives – with a heavy emphasis on making music with it: Generative Music, Computer Music, Random Music.

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Driven by the infinite diversity of music, one of my main goals always was to make it for moving pictures as well.


«In Conversation»

I love to develop my approaches in conversation, on podiums and podcasts, interviews and talks. The intended friction is a boost and inspiration for my creations.

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From time to time I write a newsletter. For me it’s important to let my thoughts circle around the project and to discuss it with you – to communicate more directly and focused apart from the often unspecific buzz of social media. I would be very happy to welcome you in this inner circle.

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